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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Perception. That which is being perceived by that which cannot be explained is limited by the limits of the body. But the body itself is being perceived by that which cannot be explained. The ultimate conclusion is that that which is being perceived and that which is doing the perceiving is one and the same. But what is that?

Hearing. Listen. Sounds of birds. A passing car. Who is listening? What is it that hears? Can you find the one that hears? What can you conclude if you really look for the one that hears? There is just hearing. There is just this.

Attention. Attention putting attention on attention is the entry to realization. So, place your attention on attention. What do you find? Paradoxically, when attention pays attention to attention, it cannot find itself, but it can know of itself. Try it. Similarly, are you aware of being aware? The irony is that awareness itself cannot be found while simultaneously there is the recognition that awareness is all there is. Awareness can know of itself, but it cannot find itself.

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