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Dragon's Pearl Consulting

(Conscious Leadership and Organizational Development)

The Vision 

To create a global community of leaders who are committed to creating conscious and sustainable organizations, businesses, and other types of environments that benefit all stakeholders as well as the planet we share.  

What is Conscious Leadership

Conscious leadership applies to all individuals, regardless of their station in life or whether they inhabit positions of leadership. Conscious leaders are essentially individuals who live their lives consciously! 

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Characteristics of a Conscious Leader

  • Acts in a manner that is mindful of, improves, or at the very least does not harm, the well-being of all other sentient beings as well as the planet we share. 

  • Understands and acts in accordance with the golden rule: Treats others as they wish to be treated: with respect, courtesy, compassion, and consideration. 

  • Recognizes that each individual brings value, a unique perspective, and their own talents to every situation.

  • Invites and creates, regardless of circumstances and environment, a culture of collaboration and cohesiveness, not divisiveness.

  • Establishes trust through candor and transparency. 

  • Creates cultures where people feel valued, supported, and heard.

  • Challenges and encourages others to awaken. 

  • Encourages deep inner exploration and reflection. 

  • Challenges others with high standards, encourages risk taking, and sees failure as an opportunity for growth.

  • Inspires all stakeholders to transcend social and cultural expectations.

  • Celebrates learning, whenever, wherever, and however it occurs.

  • Engages in behaviors that benefit everyone, not just themselves. 

  • Leads with questions, not answers, and engage in dialogue and discussion.

  • Eliminates class distinctions.

  • Encourages creativity and innovation

  • Credits others for success and accept responsibility for failure.



Characteristics of a Conscious Organizational Leader

In addition to the above, a conscious organizational leader is one who:


  • Creates synergistic, supporting, empowering, and rewarding work environments that increase employee commitment, morale, and productivity.

  • Understands the importance of sustainable long-term and measurable results that improve the well-being of all stakeholders and the larger community in which they operate.

  • Works with their people to create a shared vision and then empower them to achieve that vision.

  • Shows their people the importance and meaning of their work and communicate how each job is essential to achieve that mission.

  • Gives people autonomy and control over their work processes.

  • Shares in the success of the organization.

  • Considers the needs of each individual.

  • Expresses confidence in their people. 



What does it mean to be conscious?

  • To be conscious means to be awake to one’s true nature: that there is just one reality—one consciousness—that is the source of all phenomena; that there is just one thing going on and THIS, right now, is it!

  • To be conscious means to recognize that we are not our thoughts, feelings, or belief systems: that what we are is prior to thought and language. We are the cosmos looking back at itself through these physical units.

  • To be conscious means to know both intuitively and logically that this entire planet—Planet Earth—is one single unitary ecosystem.

  • To be conscious means to know directly and intuitively that there is no separation between ourselves and others.

  • To be conscious means to know intuitively and with conviction that all beings (including all human beings), are interconnected and mutually interdependent.

  • To be conscious means to understand fully that each and every human being, regardless of the circumstances and location of their birth, and regardless of their skin color, gender, and all other physical, emotional, and/or cognitive characteristics, brings value and a unique perspective to every situation.

  • To be conscious means to question your own assumptions, belief systems, and conditioned patterns, whether through inquiry or any other mindfulness, meditative, or cognitive/emotional practices. 

The Mindset of Conscious Leaders 

To paraphrase Frederick Nietzsche, "A person's maturity is evident when they have regained the seriousness of a child at play."


  • Presence: Be fully present! Now! This moment!

  • Listen: Listen with your heart and whole body. Open your mind beyond your thoughts.

  • Act: Act mindfully and appropriately according to circumstances

  • Yessence! The essence of yes! A state of being "all in" and going "all out." (Credit: Stu Zimmerman at )

P     L     A     Y

Our Approach

Our approach is unique in that it combines scientifically validated organizational assessment and development tools with leading edge techniques designed to facilitate conscious awakening.

Our Services


  • Leadership Assessment, Coaching, and Development

  • Team Assessment, Coaching, and Development

  • Organizational Development

  • One-on-one Direct Pointing sessions

  • MindTime Workshops

  • Satoribox Sessions

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