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Dragon's Pearl Consulting



Leadership Assessment, Coaching, and Development

We work with leaders who are committed to self-assessment, improvement, and creating synergistic work environments.

  • We integrate a variety of techniques and tools, including scientifically validated instruments, in a systematic and rigorous manner that focuses on awakening to your true nature, understanding how you think, identifying yours assumptions and belief systems, and what you resist. 

  • We identify measurable outcomes regarding desired behaviors and assess those using 360 degree feedback from key stakeholders as well as organizational diagnostic surveys. 

Team Assessment, Coaching, and Development

Our goal is to assist team members in collaborating productively and synergistically. We utilize the MindTime Wheel of Collaboration and the MindTime Profile Inventory for identifying specific thinking patterns of team members and diagnosing areas of potential improvement.The MindTime Profile Inventory is a validated instrument that measures how people think.

Successful Work Team
People Working in Open Office

Organizational Development

Creating a synergistic work environment requires taking stock of employee perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. We do this through a combination of organizational surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders.

We also map your organization using the MindTime Profile Inventory and MindTime Maps. MindTime Maps allows for stratified level views of different groups and the assessment of different group and organizational cultures. 

One-on-one Direct Pointing Sessions


These are narrowly focused facilitated sessions designed to assist individuals in waking up to their true nature and loosening the bonds of their identifications and conditioned patterns. 

  • One-on-one sessions can be scheduled for you or any member of the organization. 


Satoribox Sessions

Satoribox is a unique and personal MindTime method for identifying how you think, your personal strengths, and your personal resistances. How you think influences how you perceive and process information, your preferences, your communication and leadership style, and the personality traits you exhibit. 

  • One-on-one sessions can be scheduled for you or any member of the organization.

  • Two-person sessions are designed to facilitate dyadic relationships.

  • Multi-person sessions (for small teams or committees) are designed to explore each person's unique contribution to the team or collaborative effort. 

MindTime Workshops

MindTime workshops are 1/2 day workshops designed for more than 8 people. they are information in nature and a great introduction to our MindTime tools and the theoretical foundation of these tools. 

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