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Timeless now

Updated: May 26, 2019

There is just now. Right now. Nothing else. And this now is eternal. How can there be a different now or a yesterday now or a tomorrow now. Really take a look at this. Can you find a now other than this now?

Oh, yes, you’re probably thinking that you can imagine another now. You might remember what you did just a moment ago, or yesterday, or last month, or 20 years ago. But that moment of imagination—when did it take place? Did it take place other than now? And yes, you might imagine some future event or situation—but again, when did that imagination of some future event take place?

If you look really closely, even the notion of a now doesn’t make sense because it is ALWAYS now. Isn’t it? Really look. Can it be otherwise?


This moment in time

Is eternal. Nowhere else.

None other than now.

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