Conscious Awareness

Conscious Awareness

For quite a while now, as a form of inquiry, I have been examining the origin and nature of my own awareness. In non-dual circles, to wake up to your true nature means to become consciously awake to the fact that you are not who you think you are, but rather, that you are the spacious, boundless, timeless awareness that has always existed. Many different names have been given to this infinite no thing from which all things arise: emptiness, nothingness, the absolute, the deathless, divinity, pure consciousness, God, etc. However, the label itself is irrelevant.

In both Buddhism and non-duality, there is often talk of the absolute and the relative, or form and emptiness. However, to wake up to one’s true nature is to also recognize clearly that the absolute and the relative are the same thing. In Buddhism, there is a common phrase: form is emptiness and emptiness is form. However, although the absolute and the relative, phenomena and the divine, and form and emptiness are conceptualized differently from perspective of the human mind, the paradox, which cannot be fully understood by the human mind, is that they are one and the same.

The point I wanted to discuss, however, is that it is possible to become consciously awake to the paradox: that what we perceive as reality and what we areis the same thing.

As I explore this further, more and more I see conscious awareness as the mechanism by which the absolute or the divine comes to know and recognize phenomena as itself. In doing so, one becomes conscious that everything that is perceived is not independent of awareness itself. Without awareness, there is nothing to perceive. Conversely, without apparent objects, there is no awareness that perceives.

Or so I thought.