Consciousness IS the manifested universe

Heady stuff. Read at your own risk. (Originally written on 9/4/2014)

I came across three interesting articles, both published in the same volume of Cosmology in which an article written by John Furey and myself (Furey & Fortunato, 2014) was published. The first, by R. Gabriel Joseph (2014), provides a discussion of quantum physics and argues that not only are all things connected in space, but all of time is also connected: that is, space-time itself is entangled. All objects in space-time are subject to probability functions, which are instantaneously connected.

This is what Einstein referred to “spooky action at a distance.” Joseph (2014), citing others (Lee et al. 2011; Matson 2012; Olaf et al. 2003) stated that “It is well established that causes and effects can occur simultaneously and ever faster than light speed; a consequence of the connectedness of all things in the quantum continuum.” Essentially, in part because time is relative and not absolute, and, in part, because time and space are really one system, he argued and provided evidence demonstrating how the future can influence the past. More globally, space-time operates as a universe-wide set of probability functions that are entangled (in instant communication).

The second article, by Nelson (2014), describes the aggregated results of the Global Consciousness Project. In it, he reported how random event (number) generators become less random when events occur around the world that capture a large groups of people’s attention, such as the 9/11 event.

Both articles provide evidence of the interconnectedness of all things: space, time, and consciousness. Indeed, consciousness is considered to be a priori and has been referred to as ‘undivided wholeness’ and ‘cosmic consciousness’ (Kak, Chopra, and Kafatos, 2014); ‘primordial consciousness’ (Kafatos, Tanzi, & Chopra, 2011); and ‘undifferentiated awareness’ (Mitchell & Staretz , 2011).