Looking for Resistances

In a recent post titled Cat and Mouse, I discussed a cat and mouse game awareness was playing with itself. For a period of time, awareness, through this unit, would try to catch any moment during which awareness was notpresent. The conclusion, of course, was that awareness cannot NOT find when awareness is NOT there. Indeed, awareness is present all the time.

Try it.

First, notice that you can become aware of your own awareness. Turn your attention onto itself and you will see that that awareness is always present. Now, sometimes you might be conscious of your own awareness. And other times, you might not be conscious of your awareness.

(Note that when I use “I” or “your”, for example, I am not referring to the fact that there is a ‘me’ or a ‘you’ that has or can take possession of awareness. Indeed, awareness, not your thoughts about who you are, is what you really are: your true self. Awareness is prior to any thoughts that arise.)

Engaging in this form of inquiry might hopefully lead to a stabilization as awareness.

Once that occurs; once there is conviction that you are not your thoughts and belief systems and that the ‘me’ is an illusion, there also arises the conviction that, although awareness seems prior to any thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions that might arise, you do not know what you are.

Your experience might be that whatever awareness is, it is always present. At this point, spiritual seeking typically ends. After all, what is there for you to look for? You are now in full awareness that you are awareness itself.