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Self-Inquiry Questions without Answers

Sometimes, I come across something so good that I will just share it without comment. I have inserted a link to a post by Fred Davis. After his preface, he presents a list of inquiry questions provided to him by another member of his Sangha: Amber Inman-Kent.

I encourage any of my readers to thoroughly and deeply explore these questions. If you need to, copy and paste the address below into your browser.

Here are a few of the questions.

Are you aware of a thought beforeit happens or after?

What came before your last thought?

Did you plan to think that thought?

Did youthink the thought you just had, or did it just happen?

Consider, the self is just a thought. It doesn’t exist. But then, who is doing the thinking?

How do you know you really exist?

Do you really know that you exist or is it more accurate to state that there is a sense of being?

What was prior to you?

What exists that you are not aware of? Does it? Are you sure?

Are you really sure you have a body?

Did you do what your body just did, or did it just happen?

What is stopping you right now from accepting that what is arising is exactly as it is?

Is there any reason why that last moment should have been any different?

Is it possible that what is happening right now is what “should” be happening right now?

What existed before your suffering?

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