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Observing the Character

There is a stage in post awakening in which an individual becomes accurately aware of observing their own character. That is, there is the distinct observational viewpoint of a witness who is able to observe, sometimes humorously, sometimes not, the activities of the person they originally thought yourself to be: that includes what s/he does, says, thinks, and feels.

Interestingly, there is also the sense that there is no one in control of the character. The character goes on doing what the character does.

This is good because it starts to become clear to you because there is awareness of the character, you are not the character.

However, at this stage you might still identify with the character. This might come and go; sometimes you’re the character; sometimes you are observing the character.

This activity is referred to as oscillation. But at this stage oscillation begins to transform into stabilization.

There might still be a sense of separation; but that is just an illusion. There is a sense of an observer or witness that observes thoughts. But notice that when you really trace even the sense of the observer or witness to its source, you cannot find it! You might witness thoughts arising. You might witness objects of perception. And you might even witness witnessing occurring. But you can never actually witness the witness. Try it! In fact, what you are is just witnessing.

What are you witnessing? You are witnessing witnessing witnessing. You are at once the subject, the verb, and the object, all happening at the same time. This is easily reduced to just the verb: you are witnessing. Or, in other words, you are being. You are a verb. You are not an object that can be found. You are just this happening at this moment. You are being. It’s as simple as that! You are Just THIS!

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