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This is it!

October 17, 2017 (Edited on 10/28/17)

This is it. Right now, as you are reading these words! This is your life; this is you!

The past does not exist. Nor does the future. Oh, yes. You think you have memories and stories that define who you are, what you are about, and where you might have been. But these are just that: stories. They seem real, but notice that that is true only when you bring them to mind. Are they really who you are? Take a good hard look. Are your memories you? If you believe that, then who is it that is able to recall those memories?

And yes, there are times that it is important to think about the future; for example, when you are paying your bills, or planning a vacation, or making an appointment with someone for later in the week. But again, are those imaginary events you? Again, take a good hard look the next time you daydream or think about some future event? Who is it that is imagining those memories?

You might say, "Well, that is 'me'!" But let's look more closely at your me. Can you actually find a 'me'? Really look. Stop. Right now. Look....I'll wait...

There is a wonderful Zen koan that goes like this: "Search back into your own vision--think back to the mind that thinks. Who is it?"

So, once again, look. Did you find your me? No? Look again...Again, I'll wait...

So? What did you find?

Perhaps you might have noticed that there is awareness of thoughts, including memories and imaginations. There is even awareness of your thought of 'me', isn't there? So, if you have a thought of me or what Ramana Maharshi called the "I thought", then you can't be that thought, can you?

This is the core teaching of both Buddhism and non-duality, and the foundation for this website.

So, welcome!

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