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What is Dragon's Pearl?

Dragon's Pearl is dedicated to assisting individuals in waking up to their true nature; and in creating a community of conscious individuals committed to living lives authentically and in harmony with others and the planet we share.

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Direct pointing sessions are private one-on-one video teleconferencing sessions (using Zoom) designed to assist individuals in realizing their true nature. They are highly recommended for those who have a sincere design to wake up to their original nature.
Satsang: Meditation and non-dual inquiry. Dragon's Pearl Sangha meets locally in Boise for monthly Satsang (on the second Friday of the month) at the Boise Institute for Buddhist Studies, 901 N 15th St., Boise, ID. 

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The mission of Dragon's Pearl Consulting is to assist organizational and community leaders in creating conscious and sustainable organizations and businesses that benefit all stakeholders as well as the planet we share. Our approach is unique in that it combines scientifically validated organizational assessment and development tools with leading edge techniques designed to facilitate conscious awakening.

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Direct Pointing Sessions

One-on-one awakening sessions via Zoom

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Video and Blog Posts

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About Vince

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