What is Dragon's Pearl?

Dragon's Pearl is the spiritual, consulting, and creative home and community outreach of Vincent J. Fortunato, Ph.D., a long-time Zen Buddhist and non-duality practitioner and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.  

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Spiritual Outreach
The mission of Dragon's Pearl Sangha is to assist individuals in waking up to their true nature and then in deepening and clarifying their understanding. Outreach involves providing one-on-one Direct Pointing Sessions that utilize a systematic method designed to facilitate immediate awakening as well as assist individuals in stabilizing their awakening and the clearing out of residual conditioned patterns.  

Dragon's Pearl Sangha also meets locally in Boise for monthly Satsang. Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning "gathering together for the truth" or more simply, "being with the truth." It is used to refer to a group of like-minded people who engage in spiritual inquiry, meditation, and dialogue. Currently, Dragon's Pearl Sangha meets monthly at the Boise Institute for Buddhist Studies, 901 N 15th St., Boise, ID on the second Friday of the month. 

Note: Local meetings of Dragon's Pearl Sangha have been suspended until further notice.  

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Organization Outreach

The mission of Dragon's Pearl Consulting is to assist organizational leaders in creating conscious and sustainable organizations and businesses that benefit all stakeholders as well as the planet we share. Our approach is unique in that it combines scientifically validated organizational assessment and development tools with leading edge techniques designed to facilitate conscious awakening.

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Dragon's Pearl Photography refers to the photographic expression and activities of Vincent. J. Fortunato

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