You are not who you think you are

The truth of what we really are is so evident as to be unrecognized by just about everyone. Suffering occurs because we identify with the story of 'me' and all of its conditioning, memories, beliefs, and ideas, and not with our original nature: the source of 'me'.


Recognizing the truth of what you really are is the beginning of the end of identification, and consequently, suffering.

Have you realized the truth of this directly?

The process of realizing your true nature is not difficult and does it require years of following any particular path. All it takes is a sincere desire to see the truth. Simply put, you are already awake! What you are looking with is what you are looking for

Direct Pointing Sessions


Private direct pointing sessions are one-on-one video teleconferencing sessions (using Zoom); but may be face-to-face sessions for individuals who live in or are traveling to Boise, Idaho. 

Initial direct pointing sessions are designed to assist you in seeing directly your true nature and to facilitate awakening.


Follow-up sessions are designed to assist you in stabilizing as your true nature and then working through residual conditioned patterns.


Initial direct point sessions last approximately 1 1/2 hours long and cost $150. ​Follow-up inquiry sessions last approximately 1 hour and cost $100.

To schedule a session, please click the link below. This will direct you to PayPal. Search for this email address: Add me to your PayPal contacts to be able to find me more easily in the future. To schedule a meeting, be sure to include a message that you'd like to schedule a session as well as your contact information. If you have questions, please email me using the contact form below. 

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