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Spiritual Background


Vincent J. Fortunato is the spiritual director and guiding teacher of Dragon's Pearl Sangha.

Steeped in the traditions of both Zen Buddhism and non-duality, his approach is integrative in nature and oriented toward assisting others in awakening to their true nature and in recognizing and clearing out of their old conditioned patterns. 

Vince is currently a teacher in the Living Method of Spiritual Awakening developed by Fred Davis (www.awakeningclarify.now

Vince has also practiced Zen Buddhism for over 25 years and is well versed in Koan study and mindfulness mediation. His teachers have included John Daido Loori, Roshi (now deceased) of Zen Mountain Monastery, Dennis Genpo Merzel, Roshi, formally of Kanzeon Zen Center, and  Rein Konpo Kaales, Sensei, of the White Cloud Zen Center. He is also spiritual friends with Zen Master Bon Soeng (Jeff Kitzes) of the Empty Gate Zen Center in Berkeley, CA.  

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​Consistent with his early spiritual quest, Vince has always been interested in the scientific study of the mind and of consciousness. 


Many years before it became accepted by both the medical and psychological professions, he explored the mind-body connection by conducting biofeedback research. Vince earned his Master's degree in Experimental Psychology and a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology  and then went on to earn a living as a professor and researcher. His research interests have focused on the organizational factors, leadership behaviors, and individual difference variables that facilitate the creation of synergistic work environments and contribute to the well-being of employees and the larger social, environmental, and technological systems in which they reside and operate.  

Vince currently serves as the Chief Scientist for the MindTime Foundation (www.mindtime.com) and as Senior Dissertation Chair at Grand Canyon University. He also engages in independent consulting oriented toward assisting leaders in becoming conscious leaders: see the Conscious Leadership page.  

VJFortunato Photography
As a young child, Vince had always loved taking photographs. He used to have a Kodak Instamatic camera and would often be found at family functions taking pictures. When he was 20 years old, he borrowed his uncle's Nikon FM camera for a cross-country trip with a friend: he was hooked. The photos you see on the photography page are a representative sample of the photos taken over the decades since that trip. Metal, acrylic, or canvas prints are available for purchase upon request. 

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